7:15 a.m.-3:45 p.m. | Main hallway, 2nd floor of Crowne Plaza AiRE

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)
The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for careers. It's our mission to provide educational leadership in developing a competitive workforce.

Advance CTE
Career Technical Education (CTE) is at the forefront of our nation’s efforts to drive America’s success and vitality. It is Advance CTE’s commitment to support our members, collaborate with partners and engage policymakers to advance CTE – learning that works for students, for secondary and postsecondary schools, for businesses and industry, and for America.

Through partnerships with the MN Vikings and MN Wild, EverFi provides educators with online learning resources that prepare students for future success. Our programs teach critical skills in areas such as STEM, financial education, digital literacy, and social-emotional learning. Each course is standards-aligned and free of charge to schools. Over 200 schools in Minnesota have gone through an EverFi course.

HealthForce Minnesota
HealthForce Minnesota is the healthcare Center of Excellence of Minnesota State. We provide leadership and stimulate collaboration to build Minnesota's healthcare workforce through education and industry partnerships. We support high school and middle school CTE by providing, with the help of our partners, curriculum, career exploration, work experiences, TSAs, certifications, and access to funding and qualified instructors.

Leverette, Weekes, & Co., Inc.
Leverette, Weekes & Co., Inc. is a management consulting agency based in the Twin Cities and San Francisco Bay Area. We built a legacy of leadership in the African American community increasing diversity in development in real estate, sports representation and ownership, restaurants, hospitality, banking and manufacturing. We provide corporate strategy to organizations and business leaders. We work with individuals ready to build your brand inside and outside of corporate America.

McGraw-Hill Education
Learning science company McGraw-Hill Education delivers personalized learning experiences that help students, parents, educators and professionals improve results. McGraw-Hill Education believes that their contribution to unlocking a brighter future lies within the application of their deep understanding of how learning happens and how the mind develops. McGraw-Hill offers an array of brand new CTE courses including life skills, child care, and technology along with online components that educators will be able to review and experience.

ELM (Electronic Library for Minnesota) gives Minnesota residents online access to magazine, journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles, eBooks (online books), and other resources. Topics include consumer information, arts and humanities, current events, health, science, social science, politics, business, and more. LearningExpress Library, part of ELM, contains resources for basic computer and academic skill building, job preparation, and career advancement. Includes interactive tutorials, online books, and test preparation tools for GED, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and military and occupational exams.

Minneapolis United States Army Recruiting Command
The Army offers a variety of training and employment for those with CTE backgrounds, plus funding for education including training and certification, as well as traditional postsecondary career options. Additionally, students interested in CTE areas can gain military expertise and civilian certification while being paid for full-time or part-time service. Moreover, it is the Army's goal to assist potential and future soldiers with navigating the vast array of opportunities the Army has to offer.

Minnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
The Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence | ATE Regional Center is focused on increasing the quantity, quality, and diversity of technicians in the advanced manufacturing workforce. The Center leads “Dream It. Do It,” 360 eTECH | Online and Hands-on Manufacturing Education, and coordinates the Statewide Tour of Manufacturing for Minnesota with other organizations. The Center funds youth outreach events and is a regional center for the National Science Foundation - Advanced Technoligical Education program.

Minnesota State Center for Engineering Excellence
The Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence facilitates relationships by engaging academic institutions with industry and provides educational outreach by inspiring interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). These efforts shape the next generation of engineers who will solve real-world problems. The Engineering Center of Excellence fosters accessibility to the latest technologies, workforce programs, and post-secondary education. Collectively, advancing Minnesota’s engineering innovation and competitiveness by enhancing education, engaging industry and inspiring students.

Minnesota State Centers of Excellence
Centers of Excellence promote connectivity between industry and Minnesota State colleges and universities. They help students gain access to the latest technologies and work-based learning opportunities, and facilitate education and training for business partners to meet their workforce needs today and into the future. The Centers help keep Minnesota’s economy globally competitive in six critical industry sectors: Agriculture, Energy, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Transportation.

Minnesota State Energy Center of Excellence
The Minnesota State Energy Center of Excellence focuses on improving connections for industry with academia in order to identify workforce needs, develop energy career pathways, and to increase program efficiencies. The Center promotes energy education in the secondary classroom by hosting E3 Workshops (Energy Education for Educators) at various locations across the state in June. Workshop attendees have the opportunity to book the Energy Trailer at their school in the following school year.

Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence
The Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence provides a variety of information technology career pathways, strategies and resources for secondary and postsecondary educator use to inspire students to become the next, best, Minnesota-grown technology talent. The IT Center offers free IT Exploration curriculum for school, ABE and workforce system use. We desire to build the confidence and capacity of teachers to provide their students with IT skill development in high demand by employers.

North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters
Carpenters and Joiners offers a Career Connections program. Career Connections is a carpentry based, high school curriculum, with potential career placement and articulations agreements towards apprenticeship.

Precision Exams
Precision Exams provides the most comprehensive, and cost effective stackable industry certification solution in Minnesota as well as across the nation with over 170 course-level Pre & Post exams. Helping students earn valuable industry recognized certifications while providing teachers and administrators with instant standards-level data to help guide program improvement, fulfill Student Growth Measurement, Perkins TSA, and other Program Improvement needs at a cost of only $8 per exam or less!

Realityworks, Inc.
Realityworks, Inc. is an experiential learning company that offers interactive educational products and curricula for many CTE fields, including FACS, Sex Education, Health Occupations, Agriculture, Welding and Business. The hands-on experiences students have with our products help them develop job-related skills that prepare them for success in college and career.

University of Wisconsin, Stout
The University of Wisconsin-Stout offers a broad array of CTE degree programs and professional development opportunities that would benefit both secondary and postsecondary CTE teachers and leaders in Minnesota. UW-Stout would like to highlight its bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in CTE by providing attendees information on the respective programs. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to speak directly with program directors and program faculty.

zSpace learning labs enhance teachers' existing curriculum because its applications come with standards-based activities and support materials for STEM Education. Over 400 school districts and several hundred thousand students have used zSpace. Unlike other VR and AR technology, zSpace accommodates student collaboration and academic conversation which deepens understanding. zSpace creates mixed reality computing experiences that are immersive, interactive, and lifelike.

Mobile Labs

7:15 a.m.-3:45 p.m. | Park 'N Fly Lot, northeast of hotel, off American Blvd.

zSpace delivers the ultimate learning experiences on an AR/VR all-in-one computer to inspire curiosity through mixed reality computing experiences that are immersive, interactive, and lifelike.

Minnesota State Centers of Excellence
Come out to the parking lot and visit the Centers of Excellence Trailers. Each trailer features hand on educational activities related to the Center's mission. You can try items in the trailer and get more information about how you can bring these innovative education trailers to your school or event. Representatives from the respective Centers will be on hand to share the features of their trailer with you. Don't miss this opportunity to see the Centers of Excellence Trailers

  • AgCentric North
    AgCentric the Center of Agriculture Excellence – North, is pleased to share our technology trailer. The trailer showcases new Agriculture technology related to the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Career Pathways. The trailer equipment is an opportunity for students to see, touch and use agriculture technology first hand at their school, in a camp setting or in multiple other ways. To request the trailer for your event please contact Judy Barka at jbarka@clcmn.edu or at 320-221-0219.

  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College Cancelled

  • Minnesota State Energy Center of Excellence
    The Energy trailer is equipped with a complete 8 panel solar collector, power inverter, and storage battery system.  Also included are classroom kits and curriculum on solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and solar site assessment.  A true classroom on wheels for those wanting to bring energy education to their schools.

  • Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence
    The Transportation Careers Exploration Trailer is filled with hands-on activities and small projects that showcase the high technologies used in transportation related careers. The trailer is designed to have students both inside and outside participating. The trailer can be quickly deployed across the state and will be staffed with volunteers from local employers, local faculty/staff, and TCOE staff to run activities. Those interested in the trailer coming to their site should contact the TCOE staff.

  • Southern MN Center of Agriculture
    The Agriculture Safety Trailer is available for business, organizations, farms, and individuals to bring an ag safety curriculum or ag day as a training for their students or employees.


7:15 a.m.-3:45 p.m. | Main hallway on the 2nd floor

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