Concurrent Sessions Block A, B, C, and D Schedule

8:15 – 8:30 am
AiRE Ballroom

Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:45-10:45 am
Block A

Employer Engagement: A Win-Win Strategy

Lindberg Room | Kim Mueller

Food Defense and Protection in Action

Runway 3 | Debra Freedman, Stephanie Love and Allison Zaccardi

Inspiring Students Through STEM

Apollo Room | Captain Barrington Irving

Licensure via Portfolio:  the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Runway 1 & 2 | Cassandra DuRose, Troy Haugen, Kathy Kittel, Julie Ketterling, Debby Odell and Becky Wood

Making CTE Available to All Students Through Design Thinking Activities

Wilbur Room | David Stricker

Start or Improve Your Health Science CTE

Humphrey Room | Anthony Schaffhauser and Shelli Sowles

Successful Transitions for Homeless and Highly Mobile Students

Orville Room | Eric Grumdahl

What’s Possible When We Get Out of the Way

Runway 3 | James Collins, Amanda Janssen and Sareen Dunleavy Keenan

11:00 am-12:00 pm
Block B

Allocation and Alignment of Perkins Funds: A Multi-State Study

Runway 1 & 2 | Matt Simoneau

Bringing the  Classroom to the Students: MState’s Mobile Training Labs

Runway 3 | Monty Johnson

Easy Design Strategies for Engaging, Student-Centered & Organized Courses

Runway 3 | Elizabeth McMahon and Robin O’Callaghan

Growing Our Own: Future of CTE Leadership

Apollo Room | Gina Riggs

New Ways to Integrate Human Development into CTE Pathways

Humphrey Room | Denise Bodart and Merri Johnson

SciGirls Strategies: Engaging High School Girls in CTE and STEM

Wilbur Room | Leah Defenbaugh and Alex Dexheimer

Using Real-Time Employer Demand Data to Promote and Develop CTE Career Pathways

Lindberg Room | Erin Olson

Voices from the Field: Career-focused Contextualized Basic Skills Instruction

Orville Room | Stephanie Sommers and Heather Turngren

12:00-12:30 pm
AiRE Ballroom


An outline shapre of a hamburger

12:40-1:30 pm
AiRE Ballroom

SnapShot Speakers: Employer Perspectives

Meredith Crosby | Paul Lynch | Kavi Turnbull

1:45-2:45 pm
Block C

Classroom Team Building Activities That Teach Employability Skills

Runway 4 | Kathy Sylvester and Sadie Oraskovich

Come Along for a SLEDS Ride

Lindberg Room | Lisa Gregoire and Megan Peterson

Connecting with the Industry: The Power of Mentorships

Humphrey Room | Tom Kavanaugh and Monique Sabby

IT Discovery Network – Tech IT Out … Minnesota!

Runway 3 | Russell Fraenkel, Cheryl Moeller, Jean Weiss and Dr. Michael G. Wulf

The New Youth Skills Training Program & Creating Partnerships with Employers

Wilbur Room | Luann Bartley, Heather McGannon and Amy Walstien

Supporting Underserved Populations in CTSOs

Orville Room | Emily Saed

Teaching, Assessing and Reporting Career and Employability Competencies

Runway 1 & 2 | Sean Beggin, Mike Hilber, Crystal Scott and Kathy Vaughn

The Value and Promise of Career Technical Education

Apollo Room | Katie Fitzgerald

3:00-4:00 pm
Block D

Apprenticeship: Building the 21st Century Workforce

Lindberg | Heather McGannon and John Aiken

Changing Perceptions, Shaping Reality: Career Pathways for ALL Students

Runway 1 & 2 | Kathy Funston, Dave Helke and Dan Luth

Enhancing Employment Outcomes for Every Young Person in Minnesota

Wilbur Room | James Collins and Sareen Dunleavy Keenan

Should We Award Physics Credit in PLTW Courses?

Orville Room | Scott Arcand

Teaching Tools for Manufacturing in Minnesota

Runway 3 | Luann Bartley, Carrie Hanson, Mike Lehn, James Mecklenburg and Sue Selland

Using Mixed Reality/Simulations to Inspire Health and Mechanical Careers

Runway 4 | Pat Salstrand

Welcome to New CTE Teachers!

Orville Room | Lindsey Brown Brockberg, Callon Siebenahler, Shelli Sowles and Brad Vieths

What’s Trending in CTE, Financial Literacy and Community Connections!

Humphrey Room | Lori Brumbaugh and Larissa Oliphant

4:00 -6:00 pm
Post-Conference Meetings

Teacher Cadet Meeting

Apollo Terrace | For details, contact Maxine Peterson

MAFCS Executive Board Meeting

Runway 1/2 | For details, contact Maxine Peterson